St. George’s School has its first female chaplain

St. George’s School has its first female chaplain

March 20, 2018
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St. George’s School has its first female chaplain

It was announced that Rev. Jackie Kirby has been made the very first female chaplain at St. George’s School which makes her the highest ranking religious leader at the school.

Kirby was born in the city of Baltimore and grew up in an Episcopal household. She was raised in the faith, but during her teenage years, the religious aspect of her life drifted into the rear-view mirror for her.

After she graduated from college, Kirby started teaching at Boston University where she taught English and Expository Writing. It was then that religion began to become part of her life again. She was eventually named the associate director of the Communication Arts and Sciences Writing program at Boston University.

Kirby says she began attending Unitarian church services and hearing sermons she found particularly inspiring and motivational. Eventually she sought out her own religious upbringing and this brought her back around to her Episcopal faith.

Not long after, she attended the divinity school at Yale and got an undergrad degree in literature. Then she went on to teach at St. George’s.

Kirby teaches two classes per trimester at St. George’s and also leads religious services there. She says she wishes she could just impart some positive influences on her students and help make them better people.

Kirby is married to a man named Ed and they have a 9-year-old daughter named Annie. They now live on the campus of St. George.

Kirby helps lead student groups on campus as well as leading the outreach to the women’s prison in Cranston. Whenever she has free time she likes to go mountain biking as a way to spend time with her family, but she also enjoys taking boxing lessons and using the heavy and speed bags.

The diocese stated that they feel Kirby is the perfect person for the job and a great addition to the St. George’s team and that Rev. Kirby appears to have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed at the position.