Organizations from Different Religions that Work Together

Organizations from Different Religions that Work Together

February 2, 2017
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Organizations from Different Religions that Work Together

The time has finally come when different religions have found a way to work together and help one another. Religion should not divide people or be a barrier. Below please find examples that prove this is a lesson people are finally beginning to learn.

A Mosque And A Church Unite

A mosque and a church in the United States have started a beautiful relationship together. The Christians were waiting for their church building to be completed and the imam offered them a home. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lansing needed a home to use temporarily after construction was delayed.

The Islamic Society in Greater Lansing had heard what happened with the church’s construction site. According to Reverend Kathryn Bert, they offered their building completely free. This church has been using the mosque building for meetings every Sunday since April. The Lansing State Journal was told by Sohail Chaudhry, who is the imam that the situation worked out well for everyone.

The hope is all of the other communities based on faith will see the example that has been so beautifully set. Out of gratitude, the church has dedicated a tithe to the mosque. The mosque is planning on making a donation of the tithe to Islamic Relief who is working in the resettlement of refugees. The church should be able to move into their new building this year.

Islamic Relief Helps Thousands Of Displaced Families

Approximately 500,00 individuals in Ninewa were displaced when fighting began in June. Right after this Christian families numbering in the thousands were forced out of the second biggest city in the country because of armed fighters. These people were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some went to Iraqi-Kurdistan and others ran to Ninewa. They are trying to find shelter in schools, churches, and incomplete buildings.

IRUSA has given parcels filled with food to 1,500 Christian families. The families in Al-Hamadanya and Ba’sheqa also benefited from this food. Everything was coordinated through the local church.

The fighting continued in Western Iraq as well and 72,000 families were seen running from their homes. Emergency relief has been supplied by Islamic Relief. Their program has given these people food, water, hygiene and sanitation kits, clothing and other critically essential items.

The Coalition to Preserve Humanity Dignity

Jews, Christians, and Muslims have joined a Coalition to Preserve Humanity Dignity. This is the third year for this Humanitarian Fair for the homeless. The media will speak about the homeless in Los Angeles.

The Ramadan were chosen by the Coalition out of love, respect and equality. Last year almost 2,00 people received help and they want to double that figure this year. The Health Fair will be giving clothing, food, hygiene packs, blankets, flu shots and health screenings to the homeless.