Islamic Relief and Honor Her: Fighting Against Violence Against Women

Islamic Relief and Honor Her: Fighting Against Violence Against Women

August 6, 2018
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Islamic Relief and Honor Her: Fighting Against Violence Against Women

On April 4, 2018, Islamic Relief announced a huge campaign they’re going to launch. It’s called Honor Her and speaks out against violence towards both women and children. Not only will this be going on domestically, but it’s also going to be happening internationally. Islamic Relief is the biggest Islamic organization that fights for human rights in the U.K. With them being so well known, they expect to make a pretty big impact with this movement.

This campaign is being backed by some big organizations, such as: Muslim Council of Britain and model Mariah Idrissi. These big influencers, along with Islamic Relief and IRUSA led in part by Khaled Lamada, are trying to get their followers to help raise awareness and help stop this kind of violence. They know sticking together will have the biggest impact.

In addition to violence to women, they are also fighting against many other things. Some of those things are: sexual violence, human trafficking, forces/early child marriage, female genital mutilation, and honor killings. These things have been happening for years and Islamic Relief is stepping up and saying it needs to come to a stop.

These types of things happen much more frequently than people think. About 1 in 3 women will experience violence in their lives. Many times, they are too afraid to come forward or they are threatened if they do. Other times, things like female genital mutilation is a part of a culture and they’ve been doing it that way for years. While people all around the world see these culture aspects wrong, the people who are a part of that culture don’t realize it. They are just doing what the people before them did. If they aren’t taught it’s wrong, then how do they know? They were taught that’s how things are done, so they believe it.

This campaign is going to help stop these things. It’s a way to encourage people that they can come forward and that there are people in their corner. It can also help educate the people in other cultures. Even though the people of this culture think it’s okay because it’s been done for so long, this is a way to teach them about everything. Not only can it be explained that there aren’t any health benefits to these things, but also that it’s extremely painful and traumatizing.

Remember, if you want to stand up and fight against these types of violence, then you can! A difference starts with you and don’t wait for someone else to stand up!