IGY Offers Perks with Heart

IGY Offers Perks with Heart

February 26, 2016
in Category: Business and Charity

IGY Offers Perks with Heart

Island Global Yachting is concerned with the communities that it is located in. Helping the people develop and support stronger cultural ties and aid the less fortunate has been an enduring business goal. Finding new ways in which they can aid these communities takes a little effort, but IGY feels that it is well worth it.

In 2016 IGY is dedicating two days to a full effort of helping communities. In both February and June, the marina will launch full scale efforts that will involve members. The members are being asked to get involved and help to make a difference.

The marinas will have a list of community programs that could use a hand. These will include such objectives as food pantries, homeless shelters, and even pounds. The individual will dedicate one day to helping their chosen service agency.

The idea is that involvement with these agencies and the people that they serve will prompt members to want to help make these communities a better place to live. The marina is a large part of the community and they feel that they have an obligation to help make those communities better. It is through this and other community service initiatives that they can accomplish this goal.

It is this strong sense of wanting to help that the marinas will be using the name Inspire Giving Through You. They stress the you part. They want to see every member of their group participate in some way or form. They also strongly encourage involving friends and other family members to take part in this initiative as well.

Island Global Yachting, founded by Andrew Farkas who also serves as Chairman, offers many perks to its member. Bahama slips that lead to lush landscaping and luxury resorts are a part of them. Their goal to giving back to the communities where they are located is that they want their members to consider the whole picture.

Members should consider the plight of the people who bring the marina services, resorts, and perks to them. These people may not have the benefits or luxury that the members have. Considering their hardships and struggles keep members in touch with reality and help them to understand others point of view.

Getting involved to help others is what makes us decent human beings. Showing that we care enough to get involved and help others makes us compassionate. Island Global Yachting works hard to show the world that their organization is made up of compassionate human beings.