Food Drives Help the Hungry Across the Nation

Food Drives Help the Hungry Across the Nation

April 1, 2014
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Food Drives Help the Hungry Across the Nation

Families and children have been going hungry for far too long. It is time to come to gather and put a final stop to this problem. We are far too blessed of a county to have anyone hungry. There are far too many programs to have anyone hungry. There are just far too many options to have any one hungry.

While we have a lot of options to feed the hungry by using food banks and food shelters. These tend to work great for a lot of people. There are people who choose to go into the food shelter some times 3 times per day for free meals. While some people don’t have this option because of transportation problems or other problems, a lot of people and families do benefit from this type of option. While the food banks are a little different in that they send food home for the family to enjoy. With this option even people without daily transportation can receive food to cook for their family for the week. They also can come back weekly to receive more food for the next week. This is where it would benefit the remainder of this section of people to ensure they are all fed. Both themselves and their families. While not everyone can come into the shelter three times per day to have meals some can and some even enjoy this time of fellowship. While others feel more comfortable taking the food for their family to enjoy.

There are so many options to help those in need as long as it is a community wide effort. However there needs to be a peace and comfort to ensure the people in need feel safe enough to come and ask for the help that will take them to the next level. Without this safety in place your help will go without meaning. In order to really help someone they need to help themselves and we should be helping them to take the next step in their life, not just providing a meal. While this is wonderful, it will never be enough until there are changes in the people you are serving. Until the people you are serving are looking for better options it is just their next meal while every serving that we serve should be a step toward their new life in the right direction!

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