Business Ideas to Help Your Community

Business Ideas to Help Your Community

April 1, 2014
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Business Ideas to Help Your Community

All business ventures first started with the idea. What better an idea than to combine a new business venture that also helped the community in this tough economy? When thinking of your business ideas, also think of how you can help others. Your new business would thrive as you provided jobs and offered goodwill that the community needed. Plus, you feel good doing it. Here is a list of the top business ideas to help your community:

Consignment Shop

You provide quality clothing, furniture or home décor at a fraction of the cost. The community brings in their items for resale on consignment. You sell the items for them while taking a portion of the profit as your fee. Consignment shops are very popular in this tough economy. Some stores only deal with clothing and some deal only in used furniture and home items. You could even combine these wares into one super consignment shop.

Bargain/Discount Stores

With today’s prices, bargain stores are a big business. You can provide jobs while providing the community with quality products at a discounted price. Many businesses stock their stores with discontinued items and overstocks from other stores. You can varies items such as groceries, cleaning supplies, baby needs, clothing, yard tools and more.

Recycle Center

With a recycling center you will provide jobs, service the community and help the enviroment all at one time. You can start a business where the community can bring in aluminum cans and other recyclable items such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, copper and brass for cash.

Pet Rescue Center

With a pet rescue center you can save a life of a pet, provide services such as shots, spay, neutering and other health needs for animals. You also offer pet adoptions to qualified applicants. This business helps cut down on strays running around in the community and offers customers an affordable place to purchase a pet as well as reasonably priced animal healthcare. You could also incorporate pet supplies and accessories.

Produce Mart

This opportunity helps the area by providing healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. This business provides jobs and also brings income to the local farmers and growers. You will encourage clean and healthy eating by providing quality, fresh produce to the customers. Because of this “back to nature” attraction, you can incorporate plants and landscape items to further enhance your business.

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